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We’ve been at the forefront of the macadamia nut industry to markets all over the world for over 25 years and handle over 20% of the global crop. We pride ourselves in our reputation for quality and service to customers.

As the world’s largest marketer of macadamias, through our affiliation with Green & Gold, we continue to grow our customer base and innovate in new product development.

We were the first company (not just nut processor) in South Africa to achieve ISO 22000 accreditation. In 2015, we became the first company globally to achieve FSSC 22000 food safety accreditation.

Our continued investment into world-class plants, equipment and technology makes us leaders in food safety. We consistently satisfy stringent customer specifications and industry demand and are Kosher and Halal certified.

•    Styles
Raw macadamia nuts are processed and packed to the highest standard, with the range of specifications as illustrated in the image on the right. Styles can be adapted according to customer requirements.

Handling and storage
• Store original unopened package in a cool, dry environment to retain quality for approximately a year after package date. For longer shelf life store under cold storage with low relative humidity.
• Macadamia kernel can easily deteriorate during handling and repackaging unless certain principles are kept in mind.
• Kernel requires low moisture and oxygen storage, best achieved through combination of gas flushing with food grade carbon dioxide or nitrogen, and partially vacuum packing before hermetically sealing the pouch.
The partial vacuum helps stop kernel rubbing during transit and prevents puncturing of the protective film.
• When package is opened kernel will begin to absorb moisture and start to lose their crunch.
If not properly stored taste will change, eating quality will diminish and rancidity will develop.
• Customers who use small amounts of trade packs should store opened packs in a food grade air-tight container at or near 0° Celsius to minimise the absorption of air and moisture.
• Deterioration may also occur if kernel is packaged in poor quality material like polythene or cellophane bags.
The shelf life of kernel packed under these conditions may be considerably less.

Retail packing
• Industry recommendation is that kernel is packed in hermetically sealed metal cans, glass jars or high barrier flexible packaging in laminate where the best before date is adjusted according to oxygen and moisture barrier resistance.
• Aluminium foil laminate is most commonly used and suggested procedure is a combination of gas flushing and moderate vacuum. Residual oxygen levels should not be greater than 5% and the vacuum should be about 50kPa.
• For retail packs, only gas flushing is satisfactory and residual oxygen level should not exceed 2%.
Use of flexible packaging materials with a water vapour/oxygen barrier inferior to these specifications would cause rapid deterioration of the product.
• Suppliers and packers of other nuts and dried fruit should be aware that mixing macadamia kernel with these products may affect the kernel’s crunchy texture and delicate flavour.

Macadamia oil
Our oil is cold pressed to retain quality and nutrients and is sold in bulk or 500ml bottles.
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Nut in-shell
We’ve been exporting macadamia nut in-shell since 2005 and have the necessary sizing and grading equipment to meet customer specifications.

Kernel nutritional information
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