Our outstanding food safety record reflects our state of the art factories  - we continue to expand with growers by increasing capacity to support the crop.

Having achieved FSSC 22000 accreditation, the highest food safety standard possible, we lead in adhering to traceability and other stringent specifications our customers demand; and encourage our growers to have good agricultural practices (GAP) and integrated pest management.

We invest in world class plant and equipment and therefore are able to customise products while driving economies of scale and efficiencies - as well as recruit, train, and retain the best skills in the industry.

Our unique “batch” system where each grower’s delivery is processed individually, means you are paid on actual kernel recovery and not a sample. This system allows us to create reports for growers that include analysis of nut processes, a horticultural crop survey and advice on crop handling.

•    Processing
Nuts delivered are weighed and recorded to each farmer as a separate "batch", checked for moisture content, cracked and passed through state of the art optical sorting.

Cracking of this very hard shell is done mechanically in South Africa, with each nut in-shell being fed independently into a specially designed macadamia cracker. From here the shells are separated from the kernel, graded according to oil content and sorted for styling.

Quality is a key focus in our factories. Kernel is passed through a specifically calibrated process to remove any foreign objects, immature kernel and kernel that does not meet correct oil content for first grade macadamias. It then undergoes a further two visual quality control inspections, as well as being passed through an optical sorter.

The macadamias are then graded into "styles" and placed into a drying process to reduce the moisture content to less than 1,5%, ready for packing.

Macadamias in South Africa usually achieve an average of 30% crackout. This means that 70% of the weight of the nut in shell at 3% moisture is waste material comprising, a very hard, solid shell.    

•    Factory locations
Our three factories in Levubu (Limpopo), White River (Mpumalanga) and Ramsgate (Kwazulu Natal) are strategically placed to best support the largest macadamia growing regions in South Africa.

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Factory Contact Number Address
Levubu 087 820 4650 R524, Punda Maria Road, Limpopo
White River 013 764 1805 R40 to Hazyview, Mpumalanga
Ramsgate 039 314 8000 Bally Clare Farm, Old Main Road

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