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Being macadamia nut farmers ourselves, we understand the challenges growers face. It is a long-term business that needs a sustainable marketing philosophy - we enable you to do that – better than anyone else. We are one of the largest processors in South Africa and handle over 25% of the country’s crop.

•    With us you receive all sales and exchange benefits earned by your crop over and above the offer made at the beginning of the season. Each year, for the last five years, growers have earned between 10% and 25% above the offer made. Contact Graeme Whyte, grower liaison on 073 250 1846 for 2016 offer details.

•    We are co-founding owners of Green & Gold Nuts, the world’s largest marketer of macadamias, handling over 20% of the global crop. It’s team of six specialists in South America, Europe, China, Singapore, and Australia sell to premium customers in these and other global markets. Your risk is spread and profit options exponentially increased - we sell direct to retailers and manufacturers - giving our growers more security.

•    You retain control over your choices and we’ve never turned a grower away. We don’t lock our growers into contracts - we’ve never had to - they come back to us every year because we do so well for them. And we’ve been doing that for more than 25 years. Ask any of our regulars.

•    We are South Africa’s first privately owned macadamia processor (1991). So, with us, you get the benefit of more experience than any of our competitors. You also gain access to a survivor’s grit and determination. When the chips are down, we pull you through.

•    We have 3 factories and were the first company (not just nut processor) in South Africa to achieve ISO 22000 accreditation. In 2015, we became the first company globally to achieve FSSC 22 000 food safety accreditation.

•    We offer our growers horticulture and technical advice through our grower liaisons and specialist consultants. In this way we ensure that the high quality of macadamias delivered to our factories is maintained.

Our professional marketing and financial teams continually monitor market and exchange rates to bring about timeous adjustments to forecast prices; it is nonetheless incumbent on us to also adhere to constraints placed upon us by our financiers, without whom we would not be able to offer such favourable payment terms.

Thus, the following terms and conditions apply to nuts supplied to us:

1.       Ownership of the product will pass to Green Farms Nut Co (1993) (Pty) Ltd upon delivery. This is necessary if the nuts are to be offered as collateral for our loan facilities.

2.       As a policy, we are always slightly conservative in constructing our offer prices. However, in the event of extreme changes in market conditions, we are able, at any time during the season, to amend either our price offer or normal payment terms. These changes will be applied to the entire crop and not just the volumes delivered from the date of such change.

3.       As has been the practice in the past, we will continue to pay out any excesses of prices achieved to what have been forecast. The operation of our pooling principles will thus remain intact.

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