Farmers are our lifeline
You receive detailed analysis and advice on crop handling


Without farmers we would not be in business. Because of this, we see them as our partners into the future of the macadamia industry. And treat them that way.
  • You will not be forced into a supply contract. Farmers supply Green Farms Nut Company because we deliver for them.
  • You benefit from our profit share business model. Where all market and or exchange rate benefits are passed to our farmers.
  • Our marketing partner, Green & Gold Macadamias, builds loyal, trusted customer relationships. And does not sell only into one region, so that your risk is spread and managed
  • You have access to our dedicated team of grower liaisons and horticulture advisors in each of the key growing regions
  • Your delivery is processed individually. This means you are paid on actual kernel recovery and not a sample. You receive detailed analysis and advice on crop handling

Farmers are our lifeline.

Set to produce 54 000 mt tonnes in 2018, South Africa is the world leader in macadamia production. As a leading macadamia processor our business is built by serving you. Since inception, over 25 years ago, we have invested in establishing trusted partnerships with our farmers.
Green Farms Nut Company focuses on the long-term sustainability and profitability of the industry. We deliver for our farmers through collaboration and profit share. Our philosophy rests on three key pillars: sophisticated product marketing, investing in processing capacity and value add.

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For the latest price offer, contact: Graeme Whyte, grower liaison, 073 250 1846,

Our financiers request the below terms and conditions apply:

1.    Ownership of the product will pass to Green Farms Nut Co (1993) (Pty) Ltd upon delivery. This is necessary if the nuts are to be offered as collateral for our loan facilities

2.    As a policy, we are always slightly conservative in constructing our offer prices. In the event of extreme changes in market conditions, we are able, at any time, to amend either our price offer or normal payment terms. These changes will be applied to the entire crop and not just the volumes delivered from the date of such change

3.    As has been the practice in the past, we will continue to pay out any excesses of prices achieved to what have been forecast. The operation of our profit share principles will thus remain intact