All manufacturing facilities are regularly audited by independent authorities to ensure compliance


We are co-founders of Green & Gold Macadamias, leading marketer of processed macadamias in the world.  Green & Gold is supported by a strategic network of processors that ensures year-round supply stability for customers around the world. It is not exposed only to one market and so your risk as a farmer is managed and minimised.
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The network of processors is based in Australia, South Africa, Brazil, and Malawi. It invests heavily in product innovation and maintains the highest standards of quality and health accreditation. All manufacturing facilities are regularly audited by independent authorities to ensure compliance, and to guarantee food safety and consistency in product grade, quality, and specifications.

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Our robust involvement in a variety of community and emerging farmer related initiatives is a testament to our commitment to the long-term growth and sustainability of the macadamia industry in South Africa.

  • Ncera, Transkei: partnered with and contributed financially to this highly successful for-profit social enterprise. The community has for nine years run a government-backed macadamia nut farming initiative of 700 hectares, with further expansion plans in place for future growth. Produce is marketed through our affiliated company Green & Gold.

  • Vhembe project, Limpopo: a co-op of farmers with about 350 members. We have funded the project which supports 22 emerging macadamia farmers in the region. And work with them to build a profitable farming operation as well as develop initiatives like a creche, computer skills training and dressmaking.

  • Emerging farmer workshops: bi-monthly gatherings hosted at all three factories throughout the year are well attended, highly valued sessions where emerging macadamia nut farmers gather together to share their learnings and best practice. The events see speakers share knowledge and information about developing a sustainable and profitable macadamia nut farming operation.

  • Springfield project: our farm, Springfield Farm in Limpopo draws many of its workers from the Valdezia are where poverty and unemployment is rife and sports facilities almost non-existent. Funds are available to the local football team for facilities, clothes and registration fees required by the South African Football Association. Transport for away fixtures and end of year socials is provided.


Green Farms Nut Company has weathered many macadamia farming seasons. And understand how tough it can be. We’ve been farming on and around the slopes of the Soutpansberg mountains in Limpopo (where macadamia farming starting in South Africa) since  the 1970’s. This makes us one of the oldest and most established macadamia farmers in the country.

Starting with a modest 44 hectares over 200 hectares macadamia orchards are currently farmed with further expansion planned. Our strategy is to buy and lease good agricultural land to continue growing our operation, which in addition to macadamias includes avocados, litchis and timber. We also have a macadamia nursery on farm that supplies both our new orchards and to other farmers.