Study Groups

There are approximately 400 growers that deliver to Green Farms Nut Company. Study Groups are an important contact point with our growers where we share technical information, such as trends in orchard establishment, pest and disease control etc.

Green Farm Nut Company - Online Study Group

We had our first online study group on 27 May 2020 with over 100 growers attending! Each Factory Manager had an opportunity to engage with their growers; we had an update on the market from our CEO and also two technical presentations on orchard management and cultivar choices. We plan on having further engagements with our growers via this platform in the near future.

Here are links to presentations that can be downloaded:

Developing New Orchards - Stephan Schoeman

There are a multitude of decisions that need to be made before and during orchard establishment. Stephan Schoeman explains in this presentation what the latest trends are not only in establishment, but also in management of orchards.

The Life and Times of a Macadamia Orchard - Stephan Schoeman

Trees have different needs at different life stages. Early in a tree's life it needs to grow rapidly and vegetatively. Then, so-called teenage trees have high nutritional requirements, just like human teenagers. This presentation also hints at the fact that orchards need to be replaced, and growers should plan for that already when planting.

Macadamia Young Tree Nutrition - Stephan Schoeman

Young trees should be managed differently from mature trees. In the same way, different cultivars have different nutritional and water requirements. Agriwiz is an interactive program that accounts for such differences and assists with some of the decision making.

Developing New Orchards in Australia - Dr Chris Searle

The latest technologies and trends used in Australia to develop new orchards is discussed - from laser-grading to underground drainage systems. Dr Chris Searle further highlights their ability to recommend certain cultivars for certain climatic regions

Integrated Pest Management - Dr Elsje Joubert & Barry Christie

Farming disrupts the environment. When we control pests, we need to consider our impact on the environment while trying to farm profitably and sustainably. This presentation highlights a few key factors to consider to manage pest levels in an integrated manner: pruning; night spraying; alternating between different chemical groupings and increasing the biodiversity.

Butch Aylward

Cultivar Selection - Butch Aylward

The South African macadamia industry relies heavily on a single cultivar, namely 'Beaumont'. This presentation by Butch Aylward shows various cultivars with their flowering times that can be considered.

The SA Macadamia Industry and Husk Rot - Barry Christie

Husk rot is becoming more prevalent in certain areas, and something growers should keep an eye on. Infection takes place in certain climatic conditions, much earlier in a nut's life stage than many think.

Challenges and Considerations when Establishing Macadamias - Barry Christie

A high level presentation on the South African and global macadamia industry, orchard establishment and some challenges in the form of pests and diseases.