Technical Info

Green Farms Nut Company has access to a wealth of technical expertise through its own staff, as well as external consultants.
Our growers are encouraged to adhere to Good Agricultural Practices. Study groups are held in all major production regions to share the latest technology and recommendations. We are passionate about protecting the environment.
A strong focus in our messages is sustainable, responsible farming using integrated management practices.

IPM - Integrated Pest Management

Integrated pest management is often translated as “integrated chemical use”. Real integrated management considers the effect on the environment, while ensuring that chemical products are applied effectively through actions like pruning and sprayer calibration. Biological control, in various forms, is also encouraged.

Maturity Testing

Although our factories will assist in determining whether an orchard is ready for harvesting, it is important that growers perform their own initial tests.


Pruning is regarded as the most important action on a farm. It is an action that influences various other aspects of the tree and crop, such as pest and disease control, yield and rejuvenation.